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So here we are, my plastic free aromatherapy candles in all the Bous summer scents. I have turned these fab artist paint tins into candles. They are fully recyclable as they are made from aluminium.

The wax is soy, the scents are made from essential oils, the wicks made from wood.

Pop the top with a ten pence piece to open them.

They are cruelty free and vegan.

Lavender & Basil

Lavender is great for calming an active mind teamed with basil it helps aid mental strength and clarity. Perfect for lighting on a lazy Sunday or after a busy day. It's best described as clean, slightly floral with green undertones.

-Lavender and Basil essential oils


Flourish is an airy balance of flora essential oils. Inspired by spring bloom the scent will make you dance into the season ahead.

-Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Palma Rosa and 2 other essential oils.

Orange & Coriander

Orange and coriander helps lifts the spirit while providing a calming influence. It brings peace and happiness to the mind, while coriander has a sweet, warm fragrance that is calming and gently up-lifting. The scent is citrusy with green perfumed after notes.

-orange and coriander essential oils


Transport yourself to the lush green land of Eden. Made from only green essential oils including bay, petitgrain and juniper the scent is fresh and inviting.

-Bay, Petitgrain, Juniper and 2 other essential oils. 

Rose Hammam

Rose Hammam, transport yourself to a world of relaxing opulence. This scent mix inspired by the Moroccan spa it's a combination that includes rose, frankincense and eucalyptus

-Palma Rosa, Frankincense, eucalyptus and 2 other essential oils.

Lemongrass & Coconut

Lemongrass promotes a positive outlook to overpower feelings of nervousness and combat mental fatigue. It also repels insects and kills bacteria.
Coconut helps to maintain and accentuate the lemongrass.

-Lemongrass and coconut essential oils