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Pure lakes

Silken Bath Foam

Silken Bath Foam

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silken bath foam

Pure Lakes Bath Foam - 250ml

Lavender & Chamomile Silken Bath Foam 

A natural bath foam in our Lavender and Chamomile blend with eco-silk for that luxurious and relaxing bath. 

Lavender: restores & relaxes

Chamomile: clams & balances

Patchouli: softens & comforts 

Mimosa and Petitgrain - 250ml

A natural and gentle bath foam made using gentle plant based ingredients in our beautiful smelling Mimosa & Petitgrain essential oil blend. 

Mimosa: calms & soothes

Petitgrain: balances & cleanses

Frankincense: toning & firming

Aloe Vera: moisturises & conditions

Glycerin: locks in moisture & maintains skin’s water balance


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