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Tilley Tree

Slate Coasters By Tilley Tree

Slate Coasters By Tilley Tree

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Sasha and Dan Tilley, the co-owners of Tilley Tree, established their business in lockdown, 2020. Tilley Tree is a small family business based in the little village of Bare, overlooking Morecambe Bay to the beautiful mountains of the Lake District.

All of their packaging is eco-friendly – even the stickers are biodegradable! all of their company's electric and gas is supplied through green companies who source their energy from sustainable sources. Our supplier currently produces 11% of their power by solar means and 89% using wind turbines. Which makes sense if you live on the coast of the UK. The company is also delving into hydro power in the future.

This lovely business is a good fit for Ivy Bank and we are really pleased to have them as a supplier.

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