Up Circle Night Cream 55ml

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Fundamentally, whatever your moisturiser does, your night cream does more intensely. It’s thicker, which means it brings a huge amount of hydration. This level of hydration is usually too much during the day, especially if you’re then putting on make-up or leading a busy life. Additionally, usually the active ingredients in night cream have been specifically chosen to work most effectively in this thicker formula and in conjunction with your skin’s nightly process. Incredibly, your skin actually absorbs around 15% more of what you put on it at night than during the day. Many night creams are designed to be anti-ageing. They contain ingredients that help you take good care of your skin to reduce the effects of ageing. Effectively, because a night cream is so much thicker than a daily moisturiser can be, it means that you can actually double up on the amount of anti-ageing goodness received overnight.