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Kate Chesters

Resin Coasters

Resin Coasters

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‘What is resin art?!’ I hear you ask. 

Kate explains the process:

I work with epoxy resin, which is a 2 part thick liquid that I mix together for a few minutes. During this mixing process a chemical reaction occurs, bonding the liquid resin and hardener together to create a potent glue, which sets into the durable material that is resin. Once the resin is mixed, I then add different coloured pigments and pour it onto the material I’m working with. 

There’s only a set amount of time that I have to work with the resin, with the temperature of the room affecting this. Once I am happy with how the artwork is looking I leave it for a day or two to fully set. 

no two coasters are the same so these make unique gifts

Made in the UK


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